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Candles, clothing, savories, confectionery, chocolates, skincare products, drugs, jellies, tinctures, CBD is just about everywhere! Ever wondered why? The recent legalization of THC free hemp products has played a significant role in the escalation of sales of CBD products in the USA. 

As per a report released by Market Watch, the worldwide cosmetics market is now valued at a whopping $580 million-plus. As per a prediction by Grand View Research, if market trends are observed, these figures are expected to touch $1.7 billion by 2025.

Everything you need and can think of is now available with the permitted levels of CBD. The latest trends involve the taking over of the skincare and beauty sectors by CBD that is THC free. 

Be it serums, sunscreens, chapsticks, creams or cleansers, hemp-infused products are making it to the racks of beauty supply stores in a rather significant way. Safe for use and packed with medicinal benefits, the CBD craze is catching up with users worldwide. Precisely, older men, women, and teenagers are jumping on to the CBD bandwagon for more reasons than mere skincare. 

What is CBD or Cannabidiol?

CBD, which is a naturally-occurring compound, is found freely in nature in cannabis plants. Marijuana and hemp contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD, the two main ingredients of cannabis. However, CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid component, does not have any ‘high’ providing capabilities.

As per lab-based research reports, CBD plays a decisive role in alleviating the tell-tale signs of anxiety. It also helps in reducing chronic pain and inflammation. The latest reports have suggested that insomnia and rare individual kinds of childhood epilepsy, can be cured with CBD oil to a certain extent. According to a Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease publication, CBD may help prevent cognitive decline. Another report published in the Neurotherapeutics Journal hints at CBD being effective in impacting substance use disorder positively.

Why is CBD Beneficial for the Skin?

Along with its healing properties, cannabidiol and CBD oil present antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits for skincare. Serious skin concerns such as dry and flaky texture, acne, inflammation, free radical damage, etc. are being addressed convincingly by CBD.  

Cannabidiol might also be useful in fighting acne as it helps reduce the production of sebum in the skin. Studies indicate that CBD may help treat eczema and psoriasis as well. Ongoing research linked with CBD’s use in skincare and beauty industries has established the safety of its topical application. Given this, there has been a flurry in the number of CBD-infused products hitting the marketplace. 

Choosing the Best CBD Skin Care Product

Most cannabidiol-infused products have broad-spectrum CBD oil, full-spectrum CBD oil, or CBD isolate formulations. For instance, a CBD oil 1000mg skin lotion may contain full-spectrum CBD oil that comprises different compounds found in hemp, along with traces of THC. In order to choose the best CBD products, look out for the ones mentioning “cannabidiol”, “broad-spectrum CBD”, “hemp extract”, ” “hemp CBD” or “full-spectrum CBD” on their labels. 

Cannabidiol Full spectrum CBD and THC Free CBD Oil, hemp lotion and cbd capsules

Why Should You Buy a CBD Oil without THC Hand and Body Lotion?

Have you been looking wryly at your flaky and dry hands lately? Has your homework caused damages to your otherwise soft and smooth skin? When was the last time you felt your hands without worrying about its coarse texture? Are these questions relatable? If yes, you need a CBD oil without THC body lotion or a hand and body lotion consisting of CBD isolate variants. 

– These products are packed with the many benefits of THC free CBD and contain the compound in abundant quantity. 

– Once you start using the lotions regularly, your skin will no longer be coarse and dry. It will attain a silky and smooth texture gradually. 

– The itching and dryness in the skin will decrease profusely. 

CBD Isolated Variant – What is it?

The various compounds present in cannabis can be isolated from other ingredients. CBD isolated variant is the most potent and purest form of this compound. This variant is also free from THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is an essential constituent of hemp, marijuana, and cannabis. It has psychoactive properties that are responsible for causing a ‘high’ in users. As CBD isolated variants do not contain THC, it is not under any legal constraints. Hand and skin lotions containing the potent form of CBD, usually have a warm and silky touch. They give off the fresh aroma of vanilla that remains on the skin for a long time. 

CBD Hand and Body Lotions – Need of the Hour 

Be it for office goers, trekkers, mountain climbers, or stay at home moms, CBD oil without THC hand and body lotions serve as a magical cure. They help treat skin irritation, flaky skin, dryness, itching. According to skin care specialists and other health workers, skin rashes, eczema, acne, etc. can be treated satisfactorily with the help of CBD lotions and other beauty products.

The goodness of these lotions cannot be credited to THC free CBD oil alone. Various other compounds are added to increase the effectiveness of these products. The isolated variant of hemp and cannabis is used to make hand and body lotion. As per users, the lotion has to be used sparingly to impart the best results. Just a thin layer is enough to enjoy the many benefits and properties of CBD

Points to remember:

– The lotion is for topical application only. 

– It’s essential to avoid its use on open wounds or bruises.

– There are no visible side effects of this product; however, do restrict use in case of any discomfort or irritation. 

– Pregnant ladies and lactating moms are advised to use CBD lotions as guided by their physicians only. 

– Avoid touching your eyes and sensitive areas of the skin after using CBD oil THC free hand and body lotions. 

Benefits of CBD Products and Lotions

Say, you have chosen the 8-ounce bottle containing 250 mg CBD lotion, then you have opted for the isolated variant. This bottle brings home the purest variant of CBD. This effectively means that you can enjoy maximum benefits at the earliest possible time. Upon regular use of this lotion, your skin texture will start showing drastic improvements. If you were grappling with skin inflammation, your problem would become a thing of the past with this CBD beauty care products

You’ll start enjoying an overall sense of well-being with the properties of CBD getting absorbed quickly and easily in your skin. Fortunately, a lot of research is underway to test the benefits of CBD and its effect on the beauty and health care sector. 

Way Forward 

Every day, new research reports from credible sources are coming to the fore. They talk highly about the utility of CBD in improving the physical, mental and emotional health of users. As per industry experts, CBD oil without THC products can be applied to desired areas through gentle rubbing. You need not worry about overusing the lotions as they can be used often across the day to get a silky softness. 

Aren’t you ready to buy the best CBD oil 1000mg skin lotion today?