If you are here, this means you want to kickstart your cannabis journey. Well! First of all, congratulations. But if you are trying it for the first time, you might still be hesitant about choosing an ideal consumption or delivery method. 

Should I go for joints, or are bongs an excellent way to consume cannabis? If you happen to stumble upon such thoughts, let’s be straight with you. If you choose the traditional way of consuming cannabis, i.e.smoking, you must stick to water pipes

Yes, you heard it right! 

But you must be wondering why are we saying this? Keep reading, and you will find out!

Why Should Cannabis Users Opt For Water Pipes/Bongs?

Everyone knows that when we smoke, many end-products are not healthy for the body. But if you choose bongs, you are consciously choosing a healthier alternative. Here’s why!

Bongs are better than other alternatives

Cannabis isn’t only for stoners. It has a plethora of benefits. It helps you relax and relieve anxiety, stress, or depression. So, if you use bongs, you can easily extract the benefits of the cannabinoids present in cannabis. You can find many online stores like StrainSanity, where you can find your favorite strains and accessories as per your liking. 

But why is it healthier? It’s because whenever you light your dry herb within a bowl piece, you don’t inhale the hot smoke directly. In fact, the smoke reaches you after moving within the water. Since it transits through water, it cools down the smoke. In other words, it makes cannabis inhalation a lot easier. 

Is that all? Actually, there is more!

The water present in the bong traps the microbes or mold. Thus, it reduces the levels of contaminants in your smoke while inhaling. This is especially helpful if you are a fan of puff and pass culture. This accessory will help you avoid such contaminants.

Plus, you get a chance to live the massive trip. In other words, you get bigger hits with this delivery method. 

Having said that, you must keep in mind the following tips to avoid any problems when using a water pipe.

  • You must change the water inside your bong in between sessions. And when it’s not in use, make sure you clean it with alcohol and Epsom salt.
  • They are a better option since they don’t pass any harmful chemicals during inhalation. 

Final Takeaways

Cannabis is a wellness tool that can help you lead a healthy life. Not only that, but it is also helpful in managing and alleviating symptoms to manage your medical condition. The only thing you must take care of is finding high-quality cannabis and reliable accessories for smoking. That way, you can benefit the maximum without accessing any harmful ingredients. 

Also, make sure to start with a lower dose and gradually increase it to avoid any sudden euphoric effects. Are you all set to use a glass bong for the first time? If not, you must enjoy the experience right away!