We all get dreams now and then, don’t we? There are numerous myths and sayings behind why we get dreams, what they mean if we get them at a specific time of the night, and all that related stuff. While those are some exciting topics to discuss over the dinner table someday, sadly, we won’t be discussing them today. Instead, we will be uncovering the mysteries behind the spiritual meaning of Marijuana within your dreams.

Generally, the usage of Marijuana within your dream means that you are going towards a positive spiritual experience. The key message of this dream also revolves around having the inner strength to survive in the future. It also symbolizes the feeling of lust, pleasure addiction, and the urge to gain an advantage over someone.

It is crucial to distinguish the size of Marijuana that someone gives you or see within your dream means a lot. Having said that, when you see Marijuana in a small package, it shows daily entertainment. Likewise, if you see Marijuana in a big package or even a sack, it means that your life will continue to go on with pleasure, no need to worry!

If you end up smoking Weed alone or with someone else, it symbolizes selfish behavior and indicates that you will possibly be unfair towards someone just for the sake of your comfort. If someone gives you Marijuana in your dream and they smoke it in front of you means that someone else, maybe a partner, will use you and benefit from you for their advantage, so you might want to be careful! If someone is selling you Marijuana within your dream, there’s a deep meaning behind that as well. If the seller is a man, it symbolizes gossip; if it’s a woman, it says you will experience gossip.

While there may be numerous twisted meanings to your dream, you should take it lightly for fun! After all, what is meant to be will always find a way, ever.