Music producer turned entrepreneur Thousand Times has plans to scale East Side Edibles to the moon. Already the fastest-growing edibles company in North Carolina the intrepid start-up is transitioning from a hobby to a full-time occupation with all the excitement and headache that comes with starting a small business. Most recently East Side Edibles has expanded its line of products to include hot sauce, vape pens, in addition to its extensive line of snacks and confections. The key to such rapid growth has been to approach marketing the lifestyle brand organically. This has been accomplished by Thousand Times forging relationships with multiple vendors, influential tastemakers & athletes as well as retail outlets and food trucks. Within the past 90 days, East Side Edibles has secured and continues to grow a loyal fanbase filling dozens of orders weekly. Especially exciting is that the products have received co-signs from Grammy-winning producers, pro athletes, and even rap legends. Follow this exciting brand as it continues to be at the leading edge of the $20.5 billion dollar industry.
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