These days it isn’t hard to get cannabis in Toronto. You can walk out your door and find a licensed cannabis dispensary within a 5-minute walk of nearly every neighbourhood in Toronto as of recently. Queen Street West is lined with cannabis dispensaries everywhere. Even a quiet North York neighbourhood such as Bathurst and Wilson has 3 dispensaries at the same intersection, at different corners. The recent article by TheGrowthOp has suggested that the huge increase of cannabis dispensaries in Ontario will likely lead to some shutting their doors (Stiff competition could see some cannabis retail stores in Ontario having to close their doors: OCS | The Growthop). While many of these cannabis dispensaries offer some good options to clients, a lot of cannabis patients and consumers alike are not generally happy with the available products. Cannabis patients dislike how strains available are capped at 30% THC, unlike many strains available at legacy market cannabis delivery services, like Fuego Quads.

Fuego Quads, having officially launched in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, has seen a huge demand for cannabis which contains high levels of THC, topping the 30% limit imposed upon the dispensaries that line the streets of Toronto. According to Mateo of Fuego Quads, “I am asked on a daily basis what the strongest indica strains are, especially by medical patients who seek pain relief. Many come to us because they say the cannabis available at their local dispensary cannot compare in terms of potency, or quality, for that matter.” Fuego Quads offers same day delivery within the Greater Toronto Area. Fuego Quads offers extremely fast delivery times, offering an hour or less, especially in North York, Markham, Richmond Hill, Thornhill and Vaughan. They also offer very fast cannabis delivery to all areas of Toronto, including Scarborough, Midtown, Downtown, Etobicoke as well as Mississauga and Brampton.

York Region’s cities of Markham, Richmond Hill, Thornhill and Vaughan, have all outlawed cannabis dispensaries in the respective cities. This means fast and quality cannabis delivery in these cities’ is of the utmost importance, to ensure they can have equal access to cannabis in today’s legal Canadian cannabis market. Mississauga has also outlawed cannabis dispensaries in Toronto’s largest suburb and home to nearly 1 million people. Mississauga, as home to a large community of cannabis consumers and patients alike, were furious to hear that the city decided to ban cannabis dispensaries. According to Mateo, this has only led to a huge demand for quality cannabis products from cannabis delivery services, such as Fuego Quads.

When it comes down to the products Fuego Quads carries, you can always be sure you will be receiving top quality. Fuego Quads offers the best prices on their entire lineup of products, which is expansive. Mateo says they pride themselves in their Gas and Pinks selection of high THC indica strains, offering a large selection of pink strains which are extremely popular such as Astro Pink, Pink Rockstar, Pink Panties, Pink Power Kush, among others. Fuego Quads also offers some wonderful living soil organic cannabis as staples on the menu, such as Lemon Sour Diesel, a very flavourful and potent sativa dominant strain, as well as 9 Pound Hammer, a potent indica strain. Both are grown with love by a local Ontario craft living soil organics cannabis grower, and the quality is unmatched, especially considering the price. In addition to great cannabis flowers, Fuego Quads also offers some great concentrates, vape cartridges, and edibles. “We really take pride in working with some of the best cannabis brands available in Canada. Golden Monkey Extracts, based out of British Columbia, provide great products that people love.” says Mateo. Fuego Quads offers over 10 different available strains of vape cartridges, at excellent prices. The Golden Monkey Extracts’ vape cartridges come in full 1 ML cartridges and pack quite the punch! Fuego Quads also carries Golden Monkey Extracts’ gummies and budder wax concentrates lineups, which are equally flavourful and potent. Fuego Quads also recently began working with a very popular legacy edibles company named “Left Coast Gummy Co.”. Left Coast Gummy co. Uses nanotechnology to create some of the most effective, properly dosed cannabis infused gummy edibles available in Canada. “We also carry our own line of THC distillate which tests at 92% THC, as well as gold seal Moroccan hash that your uncle raves about from the 1980’s,” says Mateo.

Fuego Quads is open daily until 10 PM and recently began offering late-night curbside pick up in North York Centre, in the neighbourhood of Yonge and Sheppard, a very lively neighbourhood in North York, lined with wonderful restaurants and a lively community of, mostly, condominium dwellers. For curbside pick up, they are open until 2 AM daily, a great option for the night owl in North York or Thornhill, or anywhere else in the Greater Toronto Area, located right off of Ontario’s busiest highway, the 401. We definitely recommend you give Fuego Quads a try on your next cannabis purchase.