When looking for a cannabis company that you can trust, it is crucial to look for one that shows the best safety practices.  Glo Extracts uses different verification methods of their products and most notably the GloTrack.  The Glotrack is a QR code placed on the packaging that when scanned, will take you to the lab results page of the Glo Extracts website.

Glo Extracts has quite a collection of products and strains now making them one of the leading cannabis companies.  It is quite impressive that Glo has been able to keep up their proactive verification methods with all of the products they offer.  With the wide range of products offered, it is likely that you will find something that you enjoy and come back to.

Safety Measures

Everyone wants to make sure that they are getting the best and safest cannabis products available.  Glo Extracts understands this very well and has used the GloTrack to ease customers’ peace of mind and create a community that is educated on why these safety measures are taken.  Glo allows you a first-hand look at the lab results of what is in their products and having access like this is truly unmatched.   

Another safety feature from Glo Extracts is the gold seal that they place on their products.  This is another verification method from Glo that is extremely beneficial when first looking at the product to ensure its safety.  

Glo Extracts

Glo Extracts has worked with the cannabis community on the topic of safety and how to best verify the product being purchased.  With the GloTrack QR code, lab results, gold seal, and much more, Glo has taken the proper steps to verify their products and provide proactive safety features to the cannabis community.  

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