A Quick Introduction to the Zookie Strain:

The Zookie Strain, also known as the Zoo Cookie strain, is a Hybrid Cannabis strain and is quite popular with Cannabis connoisseurs. This strain was produced by the Alien labs and is a cross between the Animal Cookies strain and the Gorilla Glue#4 strain. The Zookie Strain is a hybrid strain containing 50-50 characteristics of both Cannabis Indica and the cannabis Sativa plants. This strain is quite rare, but when smoked, it pushed the users into a blissful high and peaceful milk sedation.

A bit about the Animal Cookie and GG#4 strains:

Before going into the full detail of the Zookie strain, let’s learn a bit more about the Animal Cookie and the Gorilla Glue. The Animal Cookie is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain. This strain was created by crossing the Girl Scout Cookies(GSC) with the Fire OG strain. The Animal Cookie thus created has 75% Indica features and 25% Sativa features. 

Animal Cookie is quite famous and is preferred by both breeders and users as well. Once you consume Animal Cookie, the feel gradually grows on you, giving a hard hit at the end. The euphoria comes in quite fast, quickly taking you into a giggly state. Immediately, you experience a body high, making you feel utterly relaxed and calm. Before you even realize what’s happening to you, you will quickly fall asleep.

The animal cookie bud has a sweet, nutty aroma with a slightly pungent and is preferred by users for its unique taste. The buds are dense green and purple-tipped, and ready to be harvested in about 9 to 10 weeks. With THC levels of 20 to 27%, the animal cookie is preferred for treating conditions such as chronic stress, chronic pain, insomnia, loss of appetite, etc.

Remember than an animal cookie is useful only for treating stubborn chronic conditions. It will be too much if you are looking to cure mild conditions. It works wonders for severe pain and insomnia.

Gorilla Glue or GG#4 is a slightly Indica-dominant hybrid strain with 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. This strain was created by crossing Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel strains.

The GG#4 strains also are quite potent and are again preferred by both breeders and users. It renders extreme euphoria and heavenly relaxations. Users have reported experiencing a very cerebral and psychedelic high.

This strain has a powerful aroma, mostly diesel with hints of coffee and chocolate, and is sweet and earthy. The buds are quite chunky and covered with raisin and give off a very sweet and earthy smell. The thick smoke is potent enough to knock you off on your couch for hours while you enjoy a completely relaxed and out-of-this-world feeling.

GG4 has an impressive 30% THC content. Medical and recreational users prefer it. Due to the effects it renders, it isn’t suitable for day use. You can have it at night before going to bed. People with mild to moderate conditions of insomnia and anxiety are greatly benefited from this strain.

Zookie Strain:

Now that we have a basic idea of the two strains that go into the Zookie strain, let’s look at some of the key features of the Zookie strain.

The Feel:

This is quite a potent and aromatic strain that gives you a rushed relaxation and headiness when you smoke it. The smoke is quite dense and delicious. The first time you experience this delightful strain, you can feel a hit of fruity, nutty heady aroma with a black peppery, spicy hit.

If you are looking for three words that describe the flavor profile of the Zookie strain, then peppery, citrussy, and hoppy are the words that give you an idea of what to expect.

Since the Zookie strain is a cross between Animal Cookie strain and GG4, you will find its characters somewhere mid-way. While GG4 will make you stick to your couch, Zookie strain doesn’t precisely replicate that feel. Nevertheless, it gives you the intense buzz, relaxing body high that you are after.

The Buds:

The Zookie buds are of a dense lavender color with olive green pistils, orange-colored hair, and thick white trichomes. The buds have many layers of trichomes, which are quite easy to break.


With THC levels standing at an impressive 26%, you start experiencing its full effects within the first few minutes. You will feel a mix of intense calm and instant alertness, which is a rare feature with most strains.


zookie strain marijuana in a plastic blue bottle up close with cannabis plant leaf against white background

Zookie for recreation:

Recreational users have observed a mix of relaxation and mental activity and found themselves feeling creative on this strain. For this reason, it is quite popular with people in various forms of art, theater, and other creative professions.

With today’s extremely stressful work schedules and busy lifestyles, many prefer Zookie to help them pull through grueling schedules. Since this strain doesn’t cause sedation, it is an excellent way to keep you alert through your workday and make your day more productive and fruitful.

Zookie for healing:

As far as therapeutic properties are concerned, this strain works quite well in relieving chronic pains and cramps. People who have struggled with chronic insomnia have reported seeing quite a vast improvement with the Zookie strain. It causes an instant body high and relaxation and gives a relaxing and calming sedation that helps in a night of blissful sleep.

This strain is also quite a stress reliever. It helps prevent repetitive and relaxing thoughts and gives a feel of a peaceful mind. So, it is preferred by people struggling with chronic stress due to conditions like PTSD, OCD, etc. people have seen their worries disappear as a feeling of blissful calm sets in.

Zookie strain is also known to relieve muscle tension. As a result, people use this strain to get relief from conditions such as migraines, long term injury-related chronic pains, etc. This strain also provides relief from stubborn nerve pain conditions such as fibromyalgia

Due to appetite-inducing properties, the Zookie strain also helps fight a lack of appetite and nausea.

What reviewers are saying:

This strain is most famous among reviewers for its ability to fight pain, fatigue, and depression. It is also renowned for its instant energy-boosting capabilities. Women are known to use this to ease out menstrual cramps.

Recreational users prize this for the full-bodied aromatic flavor that starts working in no time, giving an instant hit followed by instant calmness. It helps forget the day’s worries while inducing a calm relaxation followed by sedation and a night of restful sleep.

Side effects:

Despite all the right things, Zookie strain can cause some adverse reactions. The most common among them are cottonmouth and dry eyes. Always keep a glass of water handy when smoking. That’s the best workaround.

Newbies are strictly recommended not to try this strain due to the extremely high it gives within the first few minutes. Also, those prone to anxiety when smoking strains must stay away from it. The best workaround is to take it slow and steady or take the help of experienced users.


Let’s sum up the Zookie strain:


Type: Hybrid 50/50 (Indica/Sativa)

Parent strains: Animal Cookie GG4

THC: 26%

CBD: Less than 1%

Terpenes: Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Linalool

Flavor profile: Diesel, Peppery, Citrussy, Hoppy, Sour, Coffee undertones

Aroma Profile: Spicy, Earthy, Tropical, Flowery.

Smoke Profile: Dense, Delicious.

Characteristics: Calming, Energizing.

Effects: Body High, Cerebral High, Soothing, Relaxing, Alertness, Instant Energy, Sleep- Inducing, stress-relieving.

Therapeutic for: Chronic pain, chronic stress, insomnia, muscle spasms, depression, loss of appetite, nausea, PTSD, OCD, panic attacks

Loved for: Delicious flavor, an instant hit, instant relaxing, light sedation, enhancing creativity,

Adverse effects: Anxiety, paranoia, dry eyes, cottonmouth



As with any Marijuana strain, Zookie also has good and bad sides to it. The most important thing is to enjoy responsibly while making sure it doesn’t turn into an addiction.