Collecting and Storing Marijuana Pollen is a scientific and sensitive process. It requires the utmost care and attention to produce from cannabis. It begins with when the male plants produce a pale yellow colored pollen. This further fertilizes the female plants to lay eggs in the form of seeds. The reproductive system between male plants and female plants results in breeding hybrids. Scientifically, the pollen happens in two ways:

  • Firstly, when males produce XY chromosomes as a result of the production of seeds.
  • Secondly, when females produce XX chromosomes as a result of feminized seeds. 

How to pluck off the male cannabis Flower with Pollen? 

The assortment process of the male flower with pollen is quite simple and easy. It would be best if you bent the male cannabis flower by wearing gloves. Lay down the flower onto the parchment paper, so it does not stick to your fingers. If possible, perform this process in the very morning for better results. Ensure that there is no movement of air, and all the fans are switched off. You can use masks and goggles if you find it more sensitive than you think of. With this assurance and precaution, you will find loads of male cannabis with pollen. 

How to Remove Flowers from the Pollen?

Once you have securely plucked off the male cannabis with the pollen, you need to remove pollen from it. It is a kind of DIY activity. It would help if you had a clean strainer or tweezers used mainly in the kitchen. Further, take a clean brush and move it gently on the parchment paper. This will segregate the male cannabis flower from the pollen. After that, you must spread it with a single layer to identify any male flower. 


For great results, you can place under the blurred light to collect warmth for 48 hours. Ensure that the temperature ranges from 65 to 75 degrees. Also, take note that your pollen is deprived of direct rays of the sun. Let it dry naturally and manually. The lights and fans should be turned off so that it does not become contaminated. 

How to store the pollen for further usage?

Pollen requires the utmost care and concern for long time usage. Otherwise, its quality will get deteriorated. With a simple superb solution, you can store the pollen for further usage. You require a small and clean funnel with an unused brush. If you don’t have a funnel, you can get it from any departmental stores. The storing process follow significant steps – 

  • Firstly, use a clean and unused brush on the parchment paper to collect the pollen into a heap. 
  • Cut the size of parchment paper for easy pouring of pollen 
  • Then place the funnel into the container and close it with lids. 

Which is the best place to store your Marijuana Pollen?

To maintain the freshness and natural aroma of pollen, you need to ensure that the lid is air sealed and airtight. Your container must be clean, and there should be no chance of leakage. If required, you can use coffee cans as a large container and place the small container into it. For a lasting effect, you must set the container into the refrigerator. But you must not over-freeze it. Otherwise, it will get stuck with the inner surroundings. Before using it, you must take off the pollen for at least 12 hours. Let it come to room temperature. You can use a permanent marker to write the date of storing so you can use it accordingly. 


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How to use Marijuana Pollen?

There’s no rocket science in using marijuana pollen, but you need to take care of a few things while using it. For instance, open the container, pinch out some pollen, and directly close the lid. Don’t let air pass through the pollen. You can open, close, and use it for multiple times but keep it away from sun and light. Once it absorbs too much moisture, the quality will vanish. Nothing will be left to use it. 


If you are looking for some pollination methods, then tent it in your room to serve the best. Else tents, wherever you place, it will stick to that place once opened. The best of all is you’ll get a fresh and natural pollen – at any time. Why not try it today? Let’s follow these simple tricks and tips for a refreshing pot. Leave your comments for more information.