Do you know how to grow marijuana? Have you ever tried growing?

Yeah! That requires attention to detail. But, what’s more, important is – Storing Marijuana Seeds.

A fresh and natural marijuana is the result of an excellent storage facility. If you store these seeds properly, it can last for 5 to 10 years. This also depends upon how you collect marijuana pollen

As discussed, you must keep it in the darkroom. No light or air must penetrate. For some good results, you can place it into the refrigerator. Whenever using, take a pinch and seal the lid to maintain its freshness. So, if you fail to do so, marijuana seeds will get contaminated. 

If you are growing in a field of cannabis, it may give you high-quality genetics. But to continue its quality, you must store it rightly. 

Tips for storing marijuana seeds

Storing marijuana seeds is a challenging task. But with a few tips, you can excel in the quality. So, here we have discussed the important tips to store marijuana seeds. 

Atmosphere matters the most 

The atmosphere is the key to storing Marijuana seeds. You can place it inside the fridge. This will maintain its freshness and avoid germinating. A constant variation in the temperature may damage its quality. Ideally, 9% of humidity is preferable. No excess exposure to heat. 

A grip-sealed bag is the right choice 

Have you ever tried storing in a grip-sealed bag? Yes, this will surely maintain the natural aroma. You can choose vacuum-based packaging for a long-lasting effect. If you do not have any, place in an airtight jar. No loss of essence. No extra freezing. One more tip – put it away from the door. This will avoid changes in temperature. 

Cleanliness wins the quality  

Marijuana seeds are attracted to cleanliness. This will prevent contamination in storing. As a result, check if the container is clean. Only after that, you must pour the seeds. Otherwise, it will be of no use. It will minimize the life years of marijuana seeds. So take care of the container and the place of storage. You will experience the best results. 

Label the jar and ink the date 

You must always label the jars and mention the date. So whenever you use it, you will remember its productivity. This may help you in the case of germination. Ensures an easy identification of its quality and life years. So, place a plain paper with adhesive at the cover face. 

Say no to light 

Strictly protect your seeds from light. Once it absorbs heat from the light, seeds would be of no use. Therefore, store it in a grow box with no light or else refrigerator. 

So that’s the secret formula to store marijuana seeds. You can enjoy its natural flavor for at least five years. No more hassle. No more stress. These simple DIY tips will give you impressive quality.