Let’s cut to the chase; you have stumbled upon some aged marijuana. While you jump with excitement at your accidental discovery of the long lost relic, all sorts of ruses dive into your brain simultaneously. Is this fresh enough? Does it still taste half as good? What are the medical consequences of consuming it? This worries you. You don’t want to abandon the coveted find, but you’re also uncertain whether it’s as fresh as it looks. This brings to the one logical question; how long does it stay fresh for?

Generally speaking, if the marijuana has been appropriately reaped and the necessary precautions are taken for storage, it can last for quite a long while. 

Ideally, it can stay potent and have an excellent taste between around six months and a year from when it is first harvested. Depending on the weather conditions in a particular place and whether it is provided with the proper care it very well deserves, this period can widely fluctuate. 

Factors in control

If you want to keep your weed fresh and consumable to make the best of your money, you also have to be cautious about storing it. It all comes down to cannabis’s exposure to light (natural/sunlight or artificial light), humidity, moisture, temperature, and if the storage jar is airtight or well-sealed. 

Now the real question that precedes is that are you well-aware of the ideal conditions? This knowledge is crucial. To be stark, the way weed is stored can either level up the game or crush it. 

First things first, make sure no one bluffs you, and you buy fresh weed. Proceed with keeping it in an airtight container, preferably a small jar with a tight seal. A mason jar would do just fine. Next, place the sealed jar in a cool, dry, and dark place. Don’t let any light, be it natural or artificial, reach it. A dry spot is essential for moisture to stay locked out. Temperature regulation of the room is also necessary, and hot environments can do a lot of damage. If you have luck on your side, you can theoretically devour it for longer than a year.

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Why does it lose its potency?

The weed starts losing its potency and stops giving you the same magnitude of satisfaction after being in storage for over six months. After a fixed period, it starts decomposing. This is because the contents responsible for potency get oxidized. Alongside this, the weed naturally loses its scent and flavor. 

So what you ought to do?

This brings us back to significant confusion. Fortunately, a good look at the weed itself can help you decide. If it is not moldy or damp, chances are it is still potent and contains its flavor. You should rightfully enjoy it fully in that case. However, moldy smoking weed can make you sick, so you might want to compromise in such a scenario. Ideally, it would be best if you consumed it within a year for better taste and optimal health conditions.