Congratulations, it’s gift time! Have you been working back and forth on your Cannabis plants and anxiously waiting for when they’re ready? Do you want us to uncover the secret of getting a better yield? Yes, today is your day! We feel you, and that is why we want to discuss why pruning your Cannabis plants is necessary and how you should cut or prune your plants. Within Cannabis culture, pruning is defined as the practice to cut certain parts of your Cannabis plants to improve their growth. You might be wondering how exactly we plan to increase the growth while cutting the plant at the same time? Well, that is the mystery we’re going to solve today, so stay tuned to get the answers to all your questions.  

Why should you prune your Cannabis?

Which Cannabis owner wouldn’t want higher yields from the same plant? Everyone would, and that is why pruning is primarily essential. When you get rid of the little shots between the branches that block light for other useful plants, you increase your yield since other plants can get more light, thereby producing larger buds, given the fact that you add necessary nutrients. Moreover, leaves may result in harshness within your throat when you or your customer smokes, so removing those non-essential leaves leads to a comfortable future. Pruning also helps your plant look neat, tidy, and more appealing, so if you’re one of those cultivators who love to have aesthetic plants, pruning is your way to go!

When should you prune your Cannabis?

Timing is extremely crucial within the growing process, and you need to know when to start pruning. You should prune your Cannabis plant when it is in its vegetation growth state as the plant is in its initial growth stages, and flowering hasn’t begun yet. The plant height is usually around 12 inches at this stage. If you want to prune extensively, you should be doing it at this stage since flowering is minimally affected if you do it early. However, later on, you should lightly trim the plant as heavy pruning can affect flowering adversely. For example, if need be, you can trim off the fan leaves that are blocking light from good bud sites. 

How should you prune your Cannabis?

First off, you should get the right shears for effective pruning. Getting a pair of clippers is necessary, one for the small sites and the other powerful one for the big guys. You should then start by removing the most visible leaves, the dead ones; they are usually yellow or brown. You should also remove bud sites that are low down and do not receive much sunlight. Topping is another tip to prune your Cannabis plant effectively whereby you remove the apical bud or the main stem cleanly, which will help your plant give a bushy look later and also helps in diffusing hormones through branches, helping them to grow more healthily. For the leaves, please don’t cut off all of them. Instead, focus on the lower and interior part that has a lack of sunlight only. 

Even though you might think you are well-equipped with the whole pruning process, your job isn’t done yet. Taking good care of your plants right after you trim it is a prerequisite for a higher yield. You must water your plants and provide them with plant food (Vitamin B supplements, preferably). Moreover, during the flowering stage, many growers feed their Cannabis with high-phosphorus fertilizers, so that is another thing you could do. A little extra care with all the essential nutrients will reap you the most-desired gift at the time of harvest, so make sure to put in that effort!