Cannabis legalization is spreading like wildfire and becoming a norm across the United States, Canada, and many other countries. Many people are finally now legally allowed to grow Cannabis in their homes. Growing Marijuana may seem like a complicated job, but often the only reason for this notion is because of the lack of the right information to you.  

It takes a lot of time, from sowing seeds to the vegetative state and then harvesting of the buds. Growing cannabis indoors requires more resources. Unlike growing in the open, you can control every aspect of the environment and whatever you put into your plant, making the process more controlled and result oriented.

Choosing the right cannabis seeds

With many options available like Sativa, Ruderalis, and Indica, choose the best suits for your taste and mood. Choose the one whose strains have performed as a satisfactory medicine for your ailment in the past. 

Also, make sure to consider your growing circumstances. Where are you going to grow it? Is it in a small cupboard best suited for small plants like Indica or a giant flourishing backyard that can handle more than one of these?

Basic knowledge about growing Cannabis

There are a few things that you require to grow Marijuana. First of all, you need light. Healthy growth of vegetarian Marijuana involves a minimum of 12 hours of light a day. Indoor Cannabis plantation can be done under controlled lighting conditions, but outdoor germination should be contracted until the seeds get at least 8 hours of direct sunlight.

You also need some soil for organic growers. The nutrients present in the soil are essential for the proper growth of the seeds. For strength, Cannabis also requires fresh air. Outdoors, this won’t be a problem, but indoor plantings must be taken care of with proper exhaust systems.

Cannabis is a resistant plant and can survive cold and heat as well. But to prevent it from going into stasis(the growing process gets stalled), it is advised to maintain a 27-degree Celsius temperature. Indoors, this will be easier to control using fans as the lights will produce some heat.

Lighting for Indoor growing 

These days fully customized for Cannabis and use ready cupboards are available for cannabis production under the legalization. All ready to plug and play equipment like lights, fans, separate clones, and flower chambers make the process simpler. It only depends on your budget.

On the other hand, you can still use extremely cost-efficient CFLs and LEDs at a fraction of cost to successfully light up the growing patch. The heat factor of these lights must be taken care of; otherwise, your growth space will become too hot for healthy Cannabis growth.

Germination of Cannabis Seeds(3-5 days)

Your whole cannabis growing adventure begins with sowing the seed. All it needs is a gentle pair of hands and proper growing conditions with adequate nutrient supply. Growing Cannabis is an organic and gradual process without much rules, but still a delicate art to master. Sprouting in the seeds can occur in as little as a day, but by 3-5 days, they should be ready. There are several methods to germinate seeds, and the best ones can be adopted over time as you work on it.

The Vegetative Phase(3 weeks – 1+months)

The moment the first leaves are observed and the first rays of sunlight shed over it, the vegetative phase for Cannabis begins where plants start to metabolize. In this period, the lighting duration has to be increased to about 18 hours of light-time and 6 hours night regiment. Scrogging can be used to boost growth. Most cannabis plants need at least 3 weeks in the vegetative stage before making flowers, but the longer it remains, the better. Several cannabis growers have mentioned carrying forward the vegetative period for as long as 8 weeks. 

Cannabis’s Blooming Phase(4 weeks – 15+ weeks)

The next few months are a rather exciting period as aroma starts to develop now. Interesting flowering arrangements can be observed to be emerging. Flowers follow similar stages in all species, but the duration varies. Left to mature further, trichomes swell with the number of desirable resins, and full maturity is reached quickly. This is probably the longest stage in the bidding process. The flowering begins within 1-2 weeks after sowing and can last up to 13 weeks. It ends with the flowers getting swollen and almost turning inside out.

Harvesting and Curing for Best quality Buds(1 week – 2+ weeks)

The plants should be covered with an abundance of trichomes, and the pistils should be changing colors. The flower clusters are also swollen and appear to have turned inside out. This is the perfect time to harvest and see the fruits of your work.

There is no set way of harvesting; you should learn by doing. Dry your buds in a cool place gradually. This process can take over 15 days, but most growers like to cure their buds for a minimum of 40 days for the best aroma. The cured buds can be stored in a loosely packed steel jar and should be opened once every week. Cannabis has dried enough and should be ready for use now. Dry Cannabis isn’t completely dry because of the waxiness of resins.


These are some of the essential steps to grow Marijuana at home. As growth becomes legal in more and more places, the production will increase, and these steps will evolve as more and more people try new methods for improving the process. Beginning from sowing seeds to the vegetative period, maturing of flowers and budding period, curing/drying the plants and harvesting, growing Marijuana can take anywhere between 6 weeks to 7+ months.