Epilepsy is known as one of the neurological disorders but is not communicable from one person to another. There is not one but many people who are suffering from this disorder, and it affects their everyday chores. With all the seizures, it is very painful for people to adjust to their life when the medicines cannot give complete relief and control over this condition. Experts have been working day and night to create medicines that can relieve patients completely. To an extent, these medicines are really helpful to people suffering from this disorder. But still, there are certain cases where people don’t get complete relief and control over the seizures and troubles they have to go through every day. When they are not satisfied by the effects of their medicine, people seek help from different options available around them. Not saying that everyone can seek refuge in Cannabis, but many doctors and therapists are recommending the use of Cannabis to patients when they want to control their seizures and get relief from their condition. The popularity of medical Cannabis has grown to new Heights as it is becoming a very recommended option by doctors to people who have not achieved any control over their seizures and are continuing to suffer even after regular medicine usage. 

Let us discuss how Cannabis can help patients suffering from epilepsy.

How does CBD work?

Normally when you talk about Cannabis helping patients suffering from epilepsy or any other problem, it is not just about Cannabis but the different components it has that work on the body and brain to help them get relief. Not just epilepsy, but there are several other conditions that can be a lot more painful where Cannabis is the only way out to get relief for people suffering. When a substance creates so much comfort for patients that doctors are starting to recommend it as medicine for people who have tried other ways and are not satisfied, it is worth considering how the substance works. There has been a lot of misinformation and myths surrounding Cannabis for a long period of time, and its use was not considered legal, but as the medicinal benefits of Cannabis are being studied, more uses are surfacing every day. There are substances called cannabinoids present in Cannabis that contain components like CBD and THC, which are the backbone of the relief system provided by Cannabis consumption. There are other substances that work wonders for your body, but the above-mentioned two components are very important as they are mainly responsible for providing relief. Suppose you are recommended Cannabis by the doctor. You can try strains like the lemon drop strain, you will not only enjoy the flavor and taste of the strain, but the component of CBD and THC present in it will start to work on your cannabinoid receptors that signal your brain to act on different systems. The cannabinoid helps in blocking pain signals and, at the same time, provides anti-inflammatory properties. 

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It reduces pain- 

Many people who are suffering from epileptic seizures also experience a lot of pain when they have one. They often look for medicines and other ways to reduce the pain. Usually, when the pain is unbearable, doctors recommend a set of painkillers to curb the discomfort. But there are a lot of side effects involved with taking too many painkillers. The dose of painkillers should be limited, or it will start affecting your kidneys. It is impossible to take these painkillers regularly or increase the dosage when you cannot get any satisfactory relief without a prescription. Cannabis consumption, prescribed by doctors, proves to be very useful here. It not only reduces the pain but also helps the patient have a better sleep.

It helps in controlling seizures- 

People who suffer from this disorder know that this is a neurological issue. And they also understand that not being able to have any control over these sudden seizure episodes is the worst feeling in the world. There are many medicines available that can help in reducing the side effects of epilepsy, but these medicines do not always give you full control over the seizures. It can be very frustrating to take so many medicines and still not get the desired results. The suffering and the seizures take a toll on your mental health as well. To avoid this and try something organic that can give some relief is everybody’s (who is suffering from epilepsy) thoughts. Cannabis consumption is very helpful here. You can always try edibles like cannabis cookies, gummy bears, etc., or you can try different strains like the pink runtz strain or the harlequin strain, whichever suits your taste bud, and then you can expect far better results when it comes to getting relief. However, you need to take proper advice from your doctor or physician to use it for medicinal purposes.