Stress and life have become synonymous. Stress can either motivate you to perform or can crack you under pressure. Mostly it’s the latter that plagues people which leads to diseases and other complications.

With the bars set high in today’s world, man strives to excel in performance, compete, and attain perfection in every sphere of life. This has resulted in an alarming increase in stress levels and anxiety disorders. Most consumers claim that marijuana, also known as Cannabis, among other names, relieves stress and helps to calm down. Read on to know how one can use this naturally found plant with medicinal properties to destress!

Why Can Cannabis Be an Effective Treatment for Stress?

With anxiety issues on the rise, finding a way to kick back and relax is of utmost importance. Many rely on prescribed anti-anxiety pills, while some turn to alcohol to destress. However, these remedies seem to work only temporarily and may cause overconsumption issues paving the way to addiction.

Basically, marijuana is an addiction-free, harmless alternative to combat your stress issues. Studies suggest that marijuana relaxes you and may be used as a stress buster, but only at low-THC doses.

How Does it Work?

To understand this, we must be briefly aware of the neurobiological reactions in the brain upon ingestion or inhalation of the famous medicinal plant. Its two primary active ingredients, CBD and THC, are the main cannabinoids that mimic your endocannabinoid system’s chemical responses. THC triggers a massive quantity release of dopamine in your brain. This naturally occurring ‘feel good’ chemical gives you a pleasantly euphoric high and stabilizes your mood. CBD is the non-psychoactive compound that has various medicinal properties and leaves you feeling extremely calm. Recent researches are looking into the usage of CBD rich products to combat stress and other health issues for a more clinical and harm-free approach.

Best Marijuana Strains to Combat Stress

Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds in Cannabis that produce the effect one feels upon the usage of Cannabis. Studies of the three primary plant types in this species – Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis have identified over 86 different cannabinoids. Each hybrid strain includes varying combinations of these chemical compounds. The primary cannabinoid that produces the substance’s mind-altering effects is THC, while CBD, its non-psychoactive compound, has calming and medicinal properties. The key to a good strain is THC and CBD’s right balance to produce the desired effects one needs. In identifying the best strains for stress management, one should look into the specific results created by each strain.

· Sativa dominant strains like Sour diesel leave you feeling dreamy and energized. Royal Jack blissfully uplifts you while giving you a clear head. 

· A more Indica dominant strain like OG Kush, may prove better for destressing. It results in a happy sensation while also helping you sleep better. 

· Various other hybrids like the White widow, Royal cookies, Grape God are good options to let loose.

· With newer strains popping up now and then, there is a wide variety of Marijuana strains to pick from. 

How to use Cannabis for Stress Management?

There are various modes of administering the naturally endowed plant species; Some of these include: 

i) Smoking it up – A commonly used method is to smoke the plant’s dried leaves or buds.

ii) Vape away – For a smoke-free experience, one can opt for vaporizing devices like vape pens to inhale only its medical properties. This saves one from dealing with the acrid odor and the harmful effects of inhaling smoke.

iii) Topically applied – Topical balms, ointments, sprays, or lotions help in relieving the many physically manifested symptoms of stress.

iv) Do it aromatically – Terpenes are the essential oils that give the buds its flavor and aroma. While the Indica strain terpenes provide a soothing effect, the Sativa terpenes are uplifting and stimulating. Linalool and Caryophyllene are two terpenes with stress-busting properties.

v) Take the tonic – Alcohol-based tonics and tinctures prove to be an enjoyable addition to your beverage or food choice. 

vi) Eat it up – Savour your dose in baked delights, candies, and your favorite food. Alleviate stress while satiating your palate.

To keep yourself in check while you stress bust, you may additionally:

  • Start with a recommended microdose of 2.5mg.
  • Practice mindfulness by keeping a journal.
  • Try CBD products rather than the high THC blends. These will calm you without getting you very high.

Bust away your Stress with Marijuana

There are several ways to use this medicinal herb to relax and calm down. Be open to experimenting a little and pick an option that best suits your needs.

Growing awareness and widespread legalization of marijuana are promoting more clinical research that are backing the claim of it being a friendly antidote for stress-busting and various other ailments.