The real reason that people are switching to vaping is the rise in the price of Tobacco and cigarettes. According to the Royal College of Physicians’ research, they have proved that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. Because there is no ash Is linked with vaping. Switching to vaping will allow the user to feel health benefits. Health benefits include lung capacity, skin health, improved taste and smell, circulation, and oral hygiene. Now, since we have established that vaping is safer than cigarette smoking, let’s provide you with some tips if you are a first-time vape user. Without further ado, let’s get right into it! 

5 Tips for success for First Time Vapers

Take E-Juice of Good Brand

Many people like vaping because of its brilliant smell and taste. If you buy from a brand that is not well known, you will not get the exact taste—so buying e-juice from the brand is highly recommended.

Charge your Vape Fully

You should fully charge your vape before use to get the benefit for a long time. If your vape is not working correctly, you can change the battery.

Check Leakage before use.

The design of the vape is user-friendly and functional. But sometimes, the vape is starting to leak, and the leading cause is that you are not holding the vape correctly. So always check Leakage before use.

Get Ease 

The first time you start vaping, you should enjoy every moment of it. You can get an unpleasant experience if you take bigger drags of vape for the first time. Relax and enjoy the experience. Don’t start panicking; it’s going to be good! 

Have Fun With Vape

Most people are worried that something becomes wrong. The first time a vaper should have fun with it to feel enjoyed.

Which Vape is right for you?

Are you confused regarding your first vape purchase and are looking for a valuable source to help you? Well, OzVapour has got you covered! They are one of the most trusted platforms which provide honest vape reviews and insights. 

Vaper Empire-V-PACK II Kit:

This is simple and the best e-cigarette for beginners to use. It has a portable charge feature with two batteries. The capacity of each battery is 1200mAh.

VaporFi – Express Kit

 The kit includes a VaporFi membership card, a charging adapter, three transparent tanks, one standard Express battery, one 30ml bottle of your choice of flavor, one high-capacity Express battery, a USB charger a user manual.

V2 – Vapour2 EX Series

Each kit comes, two 25ml bottles of the Platinum e-liquid line brand, a wall adapter, a 3-pack of EX blanks, an express charger with two EX batteries, and a user manual.