Cannabidiol is an important part of medical marijuana. With recent studies and research programs, it is found to be very useful when dealing with several diseases of the body and mind. It is only natural that the industry of CBD rises among the others and gains much clout. 

Supposedly you want to buy a CBD product and are concerned whether or not it is pure, authentic, and safe. Well, you are not alone. When products like CBD gain attention, they are tested at labs for authenticity. You, yourself can get CBD tested at a lab and get its test results in a short amount of time. 

Mainly you test CBD for the following

  • Potency Testing 
  • Concentration of CBD
  • Pesticide Testing
  • Terpene and Residual Solvents Testing

Getting the products tested for the following before they are on the market is important. Many companies proudly provide their lab reports on their sites and many hide them due to various reasons. These reasons can be due to falsity of purity claim, fake CBD addition, or harmful substances used in the product. 

How do I read these CBD lab tests? 

  1. First understand that there are different types of CBD (CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD, and full-spectrum CBD). All of these will produce different results. If you are testing for the concentration of CBD, know that there are different types and all yield different results according to the product. 
  2. The CBD results are measured by milligrams per unit. However, when dealing with CBD oil, tinctures, and other liquids, milligram per milliliter (mg/ml) is used. When analyzing the CBD concentration in a specific product, such as a bottle, the concentration is given by its quantity in the whole product. Another way is also percentage determination of CBD. For example, CBD flowers can have 20% CBD potency. 
  3. The batch number mentioned in the report tells what batch was tested. The results will be of that specific batch. You can match the results with the mentioned amount on the product packaging and description. 
  4. The term ‘product type’, will tell you about the type of product that was tested. This will ensure that the product you tested and what the results came, was of the same product. 
  5. The name of the lab that tested you got your product tested from will be mentioned in the test report. Make sure that it is not a company lab or an in-house lab testing. An independent lab testing is always recommended. 
  6. There is a section of the lab report that tells you about the contaminants of the CBD. This is a very important section. Check for anything harmful, unpleasant, and dirty. The CBD product tested should be clean and of quality. Often pesticides, heavy metals, and residual solvents are added to the product. These are all harmful elements. If you see them, know that the product is not pure and healthy. 


Many supposedly CBD containing products can be scams and harmful to consume. Getting a product tested is wise and often done through independent labs. Professional and reliable companies such as CBDPure specialize in this particular area. They test and provide accurate results. Be mindful of harmful additives and rip-offs. The CBDPure site will help you read a lab report of a tested CBD product.