Cannabis has been a game-changer for many of us. While some of us enjoy the recreation offered by cannabis, for others suffering from debilitating and chronic diseases, it is a lifesaver. With the legalization of marijuana, many small and big players are entering the market, selling quality marijuana products. While the quality of the product carries the utmost importance, another significant factor is the marijuana packaging. Packaging has the ability to make or break a product. In this article, we will learn about various aspects of cannabis packaging and who good packaging is a game-changer for companies dealing in marijuana.

So, why is cannabis packaging so important?

As with any product, cannabis packaging should be done in a way to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the product being packed. The packaging should ensure features such as temperature-control, moisture-control, and child safety. Apart from these simple factors, good marijuana packaging is also important in the broader marketing sense.

Strong cannabis packaging establishes brand and brand positioning

An effective marijuana packaging should help companies establish their position in the market.  Good packaging and design create brand recall value while ensuring freshness and shelf life. An attractive packaging ensures brand recall, an important factor that contributes to your brand or company’s success.

Attractive packaging brings in seasoned and novice customers

The marijuana business is relatively young with a lot of untapped markets. Packaging plays an important role in attracting and retaining buyers, a key that ensures successful business.

Cannabis packaging should meet legal and safety packaging requirements:

Legal Marijuana use is quite a recent development in many states and countries. Legal frameworks and safety requirements also vary from place to place. It becomes important for you to ensure that the packaging meets the critical requirements in the states where your product is being sold.

Good marijuana packaging builds customer confidence:

As with any product and market, customer confidence is the key to a successful business. Research suggests that attractive packaging is the key to bring in new customers, especially novices. Attractive packaging signals the part of the brain associated with feel-good factors, thus compelling the customer to buy the product.

High-quality packaging is one of the factors that ensure product shelf life and also enhances customer confidence, thus becoming a key to a successful product and company.

Your company’s marijuana packaging should be easily distinguishable and identifiable:

The marijuana market is full of new players who are trying to establish themselves as key players. Unique packaging becomes important to ensure that your customer is easily able to identify your brand among the sea of competitors.

Apart from the above, good packaging ensures clear labeling of products with details of contents, date of manufacture, clear guidelines on how to use the product, etc. Your packaging should also provide different packaging for different sub-categories. This will help customers easily identify and pick up what they are looking for.

To sum up, as with any good product or service, a brand selling marijuana also should make high-quality marijuana packaging a part of its product and marketing strategy. This will go a long way in ensuring that the brand stands unique and popular among the sea of competitors.