Rolling joints is an art. For many weed connoisseurs, rolling joints are the perfect way to relax after a long day. For others, it is an excellent way to bond with friends and like-minded people. Whatever your choice may be, rolling your joint can be a very satisfying way of consuming your favorite weed. If you are a newbie and planning to learn rolling a joint for the first time, we have a simple essential guide for you with easy-to-follow steps. While the process begins with buying the right rolling papers, following a few basic steps will ensure that you can roll the perfect joint and enjoy your favorite weed.

So, how exactly do you roll a joint?

Pre-rolled joints are always available to buy. But they are expensive, and you may not always be sure of the quality of weed that goes into it. By rolling your own joints, you can be sure to use the best quality ingredients and material. You can also control the amount of weed you would want to smoke with the joint.

To roll the perfect joint, you will require a few paraphernalia, which includes:

  • Custom Rolling Papers
  • Weed strain of your choice.
  • Cannabis grinder
  • Crutch
  • A pen or something similar to pack the joint.

The first step is selecting your favorite weed strain and powdering it with the help of a weed grinder. Always ensure that your weed is dry before grinding. This way, your weed flower grinds into a fine powder, and packing and smoking your joint gets easy. Also, using a weed grinder minimizes wastage that can occur due to the weed powder sticking to surfaces. If you do not have a weed grinder, you can use any device that will help you powder the flower.

The next step involves making a crutch that will help you roll your joint. Imagine a round object that will help you turn and mold your rolling paper into a circular shape to fill the weed. That is a crutch for you. While you can use any circular object as a crutch, cardboard or a credit card are the most commonly used ones.

Once you have your crutch ready, you can fill the rolling paper with your favorite weed crush. Now turn the rolling paper along the crutch to form a cylindrical shape similar to a cigarette. Now seal the edge of the rolling paper by running it along the tip of your tongue.

As a final step, you will poke the cannabis powder with a pen or something similar to properly pack the joint. Twist the end of the rolling paper to make sure that everything is well sealed in.

Your joint is now ready to be enjoyed.

A few tips for you if you are new to rolling joints:

Always buy good quality rolling papers from reputed buyers. The same goes for weed strain. Do your research before buying your weed flower from authentic sources.

Start off with half-a-gram of weed for the standard size rolling paper. This will make it easy for amateurs to roll joints. You can later upgrade to bigger sized rolling papers filled with up to a gram of weed.

Rolling joints may sound complicated, but practice makes this process simple, enjoyable, and very relaxing. Source the perfect custom rolling papers, good quality weed, and you are in for the experience of a lifetime.