“I want to live my life again. No more tobacco. No more smoking.”

Have you ever chanted those words but end up smoking one?

Adapting with habit is easy, but what is more difficult is to get rid of it. Many smokers are struggling to find ways to quit tobacco smoking. There are times when you make your mind, but suddenly when you see others, you can’t control. 

Is that becoming a severe problem for you? One of the best solutions is mental preparedness. To start with something new and make it your habit requires mental control. Irrespective of what is going in your background, you must not get affected. 

But sometimes, out of long holding, you start using Nicotex as a substitute for smoking.  Do you think this is good? 

Do you believe that this will stop you from daily juggles of no more smoking? Absolutely no. You are just substituting your habit but not taking it as a challenge. If you do so, there are no possibilities where you stop smoking Tobacco completely. As a result, the initiation should begin with your mental strength. Once you succeed in doing so, you will ensure peace and satisfaction.

Why don’t Substitutions work?

You might not be having a giving up attitude but probably walking on an unknown path of substitution. Whenever you choose a substitute against smoking, you give a signal to your brain that something is there to fill its place. But, in the real sense, nothing works out. It is temporary happiness which will give you no permanent solution. So, the only idea that can turn out fruitful is removing all the substituted elements and leaving it naturally. It may take some time with the passing days, but if you stay rigid and stubborn at thoughts, none can brainwash your will. 

How harmful is Tobacco for your life?

Tobacco is one of the most killing substances that damage your internal system. It obstructs your mental ability and makes you feel burdened with pressure. When you start smoking one or two, it arrests you permanently with its powerful addiction. It disables and harms every organ of the body.  It not only affects the immune system but causes lung cancer, stroke, heart diseases, COPD, chronic bronchitis, and others. This often creates the risk of tuberculosis, rheumatoid arthritis, emphysema, and eye diseases. As a result, it is essential to quit tobacco smoking as quickly as possible.

So next time, when you think of smoking, take care of these things. This may lead to  chronic illness with no possibility of recovery.

How to use cannabis in the right way to quit smoking?


Cannabis is a form of a medicinal herb that cures multiple diseases. Various people grow marijuana at their place by abiding with legal guidelines. However, it comes with countless benefits that nurture the brain and fuels your heart with natural freshness.

Researchers have claimed that cannabis holds a specific kind of oil that can get rid of smoking tobacco. You will experience peace and satisfaction whenever you use cannabis flowers. Moreover, some people consume marijuana to minimize the effect of risk caused by smoking. Even, it contributes significantly to reducing the symptoms, but it is advised not to use it as a substitute. Try to hold on to your anxiety with a thoughtful attitude. Mediate or involve in healthy habits to escape from smoking. Yes, that’s true that you take some time first to get rid of Nicotine. You may find it difficult and challenging, but it’s worth doing. Once you try, you’ll feel the change. So, with a positive attitude trying to break the chain and skip your routine for Nicotex.

Start focusing on your hobbies and get your mind indulged with honing your skills.

For the consumption of cannabis, use it less frequently and do not make it as your routine. You can use it at set times to energize your mind. If you choose it as a substitute, then there’s no way back for the right treatment. 

So, firstly prepare your mind. Make it strong. Let others smoke and pang around you. Don’t feel isolated with this. You are doing an excellent job that others fail to follow. Try to combat your inner feelings. 

It’s just a myth that you can’t leave smoking tobacco. Have you ever tried?

You’ll succeed. Just keep your willingness higher above anything. Make it more reliable day by day.