What happens to a person when he smokes pot day by day, month by month, and year by year?

Do you think there are still some health benefits of smoking pot?

Do you know what researchers say about smoking weed every day?

Read below to get a better insight. 

Marijuana is considered as one of the commonly consumed intoxicants in the US. Hash weed is also a form of marijuana that affects the sensory organs. But, researchers claim that it is less harmful than consuming alcohol or drugs for both mind and body. Yes, that’s true! Smoking weed every day has some SURPRISING benefits. They are – 

Smoking pot helps in weight reduction 

Yes, this is a surprising fact that smoking pot regularly reduces obesity. A regular weed smoker is less likely to get obese compared to a non-smoker. That’s a good sign signifying the positive impact on health. With lower risks of obesity, it further reduces the chances of chronic illness. 

It improves the health of lungs 

Well, that’s new to learn that marijuana can improve the health of the lungs. Regular weed smokers train their lungs to become more efficient. This increases the life of the lungs and minimizes the chances of risk and uncertainty. It stands positive in treating headaches and lifting fatigue. Regular consumption of weed infuses energy to kick start your day with lifting depression. 

It boosts the power of creativity 

Creativity begins where anxiety reduces. Regular pot smokers have a good power of creativity. He possesses divergent thinking with a relatable conclusion than a non-smoker. It stimulates efficiency in mind and thus, your brain processes faster. It improves verbal fluency and strengthens the brain with exposure to creativity. All this is possible because pot smoking reduces an anxiety level for a healthy mind. 

It is good for athletes 

Pot smoking improves the performance of athletes. They can perform heavy squats and lunges for two hours and remain energetic for 24 hours. They can work out well with dynamic power and run efficiently on a treadmill with good hours of sweating. And the credits go to Marijuana that improves your illness and recovery. It reduces inflammation and improves your blood pressure. 

Other benefits 

  1. It mitigates the problem of insomnia 
  2. It improves your appetite
  3. It improves your tolerance level
  4. It strengthens your concentration
  5. It can shrink the cluster of cancer cells  

Yes, some people break the bed, make coffee and smoke a pot like routine. 

Don’t you think it’s harmful if smoked excessively?

Although it has some health benefits and excess of anything is vulnerable. A recent study showed that regular weed smokers are more likely to go to the hospital. Here we have discussed the negative effects of smoking weed every day. 

Impact on the Functioning of Brain

Marijuana harms the nervous system and other areas of the brain. If you smoke pot daily, it will damage your memory, concentration power, and sensory organs. The irony is that this active ingredient makes your entire brain inactive. Various smokers consume marijuana in food that leads to – 

  • Hallucinations

  • Impaired memory

  • Damage the brain cells

  • Delusions 

  • Reduces the retention power

Weaken the strength of bones and muscles 

Just as too much cooking spoils the food, similarly, too much pot-smoking spoils the bones. Researchers claimed that a regular pot smoker has lower bone density than a non-smoker. It means that there are greater chances of bone fracture. Frequent consumption of marijuana can break the coordination between bones and muscles. It can lead to a higher risk of physical imbalances showing a lower recovery rate. 

Frequent smoking leads to coughing problem 

Smoking marijuana can cause coughing problems and issues in respiration. It creates a burning sensation into the throat, chest, and mouth. Heavy users face a severe problem of chest pain and end up making multiple trips to hospitals. Do you know it can cause cancer in the head and neck? According to a published report in 2015, there exists a positive correlation between lung cancer and smoking pot. 

Other effects of marijuana are:

  • Creates severe problem to neurological development

  • Increases complexities during pregnancy

  • Problems of distortion with senses 

  • Haziness during problem-solving 


Every coin has two sides – positive as well as negative. It depends on you which side you choose. Similarly, excess consumption of marijuana has countable benefits with an unimaginable deadly illness. The impact may take time to begin, but yes, it lasts for a long time. Therefore, you should select the best one for your health.