Sundae Driver

The Sundae Driver cartridge by Glo Extracts is one of the go-to products for many because of the sweet taste and the way that you feel after using.  With a taste exactly how it sounds and a high that is unmatched, Sundae Driver by Glo Extracts exhibits all of the qualities that you would want in a cannabis product.  Glo Extracts has worked hard within the cannabis community to uphold the highest standards of safety measures and provide an enjoyable purchasing process for the customer.

New Packaging

The brand new packaging from Glo Extracts is not only visually appealing, but it holds value with its interactive features.  The new black and gold design is something to behold itself as it really makes you stop and look.  Another thing that you will likely notice is the gold seal on the packaging.  This is one of the safety features that Glo Extracts offers to help keep the cannabis community safe and their products verified.  

The most important thing that you will see on the Glo Extracts packaging is the GloTrack QR code.  Once scanned, the QR code will take you the lab results for your specific cartridge on the Glo Extracts website.  From there, you can check out what is put in your product and feel at ease with what you are putting in your body.  

Not only that, but Glo Extracts also offers mood boards for each one of their products.  The mood board will help to determine what you may want to purchase after looking at the reported effects. 


The flavor of Sundae Driver by Glo Extracts is the best thing that people see in this cartridge.  Sundae Driver has a flavor that is exactly how it sounds, it is sweet and very savory, tasting like an ice cream sundae.  The high that it gives you goes along with the flavor, it is one that keeps you coming back for more and keeps you more relaxed which each hit.  

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