Neapolitan Waferz

Neapolitan Waferz by Glo Extracts is an excellent cartridge because of its familiar flavor that everyone enjoys.  This is one that everyone enjoys because of the sweet flavor and high that keeps you moving.  The flavor and the high working together is what makes Neapolitan Waferz such a delight for everyone.  Glo Extracts has been a big proponent of safety and verification of their product and the exact same thing goes with this cartridge.  

Glo Extracts is all about giving the customers value in the customer service experience.  The value that Glo provides is found all over the packaging with all the unique verification features and design.


The packaging from Glo Extracts is one of the many things that Glo Extracts focuses on to enhance the customer service experience.  Packaging is important because it is the first impression, and first impressions are so important especially in the cannabis industry.  You will notice that the packaging is extremely secure and dense.  The design is sleek and boasts numerous eye-catching features that provide an extreme amount of value.  

The most important feature is the Glotrack QR code that is located on the packaging.  Once you scan that QR code, you will be redirected to the Glo Extracts website where you can see the lab result for that specific cartridge as well as the same for other products.  If you want to know how people feel after using the product, you can go look at the mood boards which will help you determine what you will want to buy.  


The flavor of Neapolitan Waferz from Glo Extracts is raved about amongst customers and everyone who has had a chance to try it.  It is super sweet and it’s one of those products that can quickly become your go-to.  With a great flavor like that and safety precautions put in place, you really can’t go wrong!  Glo Extracts is leading the way in verification of their products!