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4 different types of Vapes you should try today!!

Vaping is quite a trend today, with many falling in love with the whole vaping experience. Many people who were trying to quit smoking considered these e-cigarettes a good alternative.

Top Benefits of THC Free CBD Oil and their Uses

There are several pharmacies and dispensaries located globally that agree to CBD being a popular and natural remedy. Health watchers are now looking at...

Making Hashish From Weed, A Step-by-Step Guide

Weed and marijuana enthusiasts are tipping on toes to try out new and innovative ways of consumption. And with the legalization of cannabis and...

CBD tinctures a complete guide to choose the right potency

One of the herbal remedies trending in the market these days is CBD tinctures. Its distinguished virtues like low calorie and smoke-free make it an apt alternative to CBD oils. Moreover, they render ease of use and have a long shelf life.

Origins: Story Behind ‘420’ The Pot-Code

420 has become an official code word for stoners. So much so, that every stoner has the date marked on their calendar as the weed festival.

How to Grow Peerless Marijuana Buds: Ultimate Guide

Every weed plant grower fantasies about reaping peerless marijuana buds. But an enormous size and yield of marijuana plants can be achieved by adopting appropriate measures.

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