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You must be well aware of the manifold benefits of CBD in humans. What you may not be aware of CBD is that it is also beneficial for pets like dogs and cats. You must be familiar with the fact that in humans, this cannabidiol helps to reduce pain and inflammation, anxiety, depression, etc. The furry companion of your home can also have CBD oil made for them to experience the benefits. Yes, you have heard it right. You can now get CBD oil for cats. 

How does CBD oil for cats affect your furry member?

You know that CBD acts through the cannabinoids receptors in humans. Unlike humans, your cat (cat families) also has a cannabinoids receptor that interacts with cannabinoids like CBD or THC. For the same reason, your feline companion can enjoy similar benefits from CBD oil as you.  

Benefits of CBD oil for cats:

Reduction in pain and inflammation: 

Inflammation is interrelated with all types of pain. This is also true in the case of cats and being a cat-owner, you know it better. In the case of arthritic dogs, pain and inflammation can be reduced by applying CBD oil. The same medications can work well with your cats also. 

Epilepsy and seizure reduction: 

Some not so common yet painful health issues in cats are epilepsy and seizures. You might be surprised knowing that the CBD oil can act as a medication to epileptic cats, although it cannot cure the issue. According to the reports of many cat owners like you and holistic investigators, a positive response by the feline friends has been seen when treated with CBD oil.  

Treating skin problems: 

CBD oil is well-known for treating several skin problems in human beings. Dogs and cats also experience skin issues and you are well aware of that fact. Have you noticed a dry skin issue in your pet? Do you know the reason behind their dull and dry coats? CBD may improve skin health to improve the condition of the coat in your furry mate. You might also get to know that nowadays, many veterinarians also recommend CBD oil to make the skin fur shinier.  

Like humans, dogs and cats also go through a change in mood and attitude. You must have an idea about the hormones responsible for mood and attitude changes, namely serotonin, and dopamine. According to reports of cat-owners and vets, treating a cat with CBD oil for anxiety and mood swings have shown improvements. So, if you have faced such discrepancies in your furry pet in recent times, you can apply CBD oil meant for cats.    

How does CBD oil for cats differ from that of humans?

So now, you might be thinking of applying CBD oil to your fluffy feline member to give them the benefits of CBD. Not only you can use the CBD oil to cure or treat your cat only when he or she is ill. Even, you can use the CBD products like oil for your pet as a preventative measure. But, are the CBD products for cats similar to that you can use for yourself? No, the products available for your pets are meant for suiting your pet’s needs.   

The most crucial distinction between CBD oil for humans and that for pets are:

  • Terpenes are absent in pet oils

  • Oils with flavor in case of pets

 * You love your pets more than you, Right? So, you will not compromise with their health by any means. Terpenes are usually present in many essential oils. You may be surprised to know that Terpenes present in CBD oils for humans can be toxic as well as fatal to pets, especially cats, according to research in a diagnostic laboratory. However, more research is required in this matter to conclude. While this is one side of the picture, you must be assured by the other side of the story. Many manufacturers want to be on the safe side and so cut off Terpenes from CBD oil for pets.  

* Some flavors in the foods are appealing for pets. Your cat will love the CBD oil for cats as these are usually flavored. Your pet will like to ingest flavored food supplements voluntarily. Note that flavoring does not change the benefits of CBD.

Dosage: Although there are some side effects according to some cat-owners, the beneficial stories are more with the oil for pets discussed here. However, you should start the dose with the minimum amount and not rush to give it in large quantities.